lauren michele (arrowed) wrote,
lauren michele

(TBLGQQIA) / spectrum of queer


i just got an email invite to a U of M TBLGQQIA event and with so many labels to place on the tongue, it feels kind of nice (and when does a label feel nice?). i remember when it was a struggle to get the "B" in there, the "T" on the end of GLBT, and the "Q" that i most often use to identify myself was virtually unheard of. no, it's not being self-deprecating, it's trying to recognize a spectrum that goes so far beyond binaries that i don't even know how to name or talk about it sometimes, there are just moments of awe when i think about all of my long-lost lovelies and how fortunate i am to have met each and every person in my life ... i don't have such a large and diverse queer family in michigan, like i do in ny, but i am happy here, too. i just have to carve out the space sometimes in ways that i took for granted there.

so excited to return for a quick trip next month!
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