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first week back.

Have I mentioned that I'm obsessed with my students? Just in case I haven't... I am. They are phenomenal. Sometimes bratty and obnoxious, but they're 8th graders, of course they're going to be. This was my first week back after holiday break, and I missed them. We didn't really plan that much over the break, because we don't have our new pacing chart for Spring semester yet, so it was a week of flying by the seats of our pants. But we've learned to excel at that.

We talked a lot about informal assessment as we started work on preparing for the TerraNova (yet another state assessment) and had the students on a grammar fix this week. I taught historical essays on Brown vs. Board of Ed and the Emancipation Proclamation and had them write about the impact of these decisions in American history on their lives. We played a debate game in 3rd hour on Wednesday. They chose the topic "Should Cell Phones Be Allowed in School?", wrote a persuasive editorial, then divided into 2 teams and a team of judges, deliberated to strategize for their strongest point, and then did a point and counterpoint with elected spokespeople.

It was awesome! (And the idea was suggested by one of my students.) By far the majority of the students chose to argue for cell phones, yet the team against cell phones won the debate. The power of persuasion really prevailed. They argued in a very sophisticated way. I'm such an English dork, it's ridiculous. Laughing about where to place the semi-colon today. It's sad. Our quote on the board is "There is no try, there is only do" -Yoda.

After a full Friday, I relaxed at home with soft music and slow thinking. Tonight we watched Danny and his team beat Western 6-1. It would've been 7-1 if his goal had counted and he hadn't gotten a charging penalty for going for the puck. Que sera sera. I went out for drinks with my parents and really wanted to be with my friends. Didn't make it there until one, but managed to make it all worthwhile. Need to visit my Sarah soon. Faith is running through my veins and I try to make her stay. It works, we capture a moment listening to Tree City at the Ace Deuce Skatepark Benefit... I love how urgently we tell our stories. I always want to ask people to tell me theirs.

Goodnight, moon.
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