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new poetry chapbook out soon!

it's been about 5 years since i put out a chapbook of my poems, and i realize that much of this is due to the fact that i have blogs that i update regularly, and that when i publish zines, there will be a few poems, but not a full zine of them. looking through some of the poems i've written over the past few years that haven't yet seen the light of page, i want to share them. so i'm going to be putting out a new chapbook. haven't decided on the title yet. many of the poems are teaching-themed but a few are all over the places and not at all about that, so i think i'll have to decide in the revision process. i'll let you know when it's out.

and, thinking about the poem i wrote for j. angel (please see my teacher blog - and give me some feedback, it needs lots of work), all of my students are heading elsewhere next year... and if they don't, i am. if i continue to teach 8th grade, i'm going to have a good percentage of my students leave me every year, move onto high school and continue their growth (hopefully). i'm thinking that i want to try and write a poem for each of my students every year, and give it to them in a class-chapbook (of about 30 or so), so that they can remember the year. it seems do-able having 90 students this year, i'm not sure about when i have 5 different classes and 150 students... but it's a challenge.

there are poems that i can write immediately in september, and those that i won't be able to write until may, i'm sure. i'm just thinking about it because i seem to be pretty perceptive with people and able to describe them well, yet my students surprise me all the time. i have lots of moments with each of them that i could talk about... so i'm going to embark on each of them as a project. maybe i'll publish a book of poems about my students later in life. wouldn't that be a cool way for me to remember each of them, as well?

anyway, i am truly a teacher because my body won't let me sleep in anymore (i also elected not to go out last night because i'm recovering from illness), so maybe i'll get started on that. i love inspiration on sunday mornings, listening to res on repeat. that girl will always remind me of the summer in which i met my baby mama, and her (sabrina's) diva qualities are simply on repeat in my heart. so when i miss her, res becomes my soundtrack.


(the little soundtrack thing isn't working, so i'm listening to res, "how i do", 2002, go buy the album!!)
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