lauren michele (arrowed) wrote,
lauren michele

ayo, i'm tired of this technology.

it's my last night having this lovely lil macbook that my program gave to me. the thesis is done. school is over (i was a wreck. i cried and hugged every student so hard, no composure whatsoever) so, as i'm backing everything up one final time, posting all of the appropriate records of practice online, going through the checklist to make sure that i have every cord and adapter, i realize how addicted i've become to technology. when i'm not checking email, blogging, texting, making videos or lesson planning/researching online, what am i doing? usually on myspace, youtube, listening to new music or off with a camera somewhere, documenting some sort of event. it will be quite strange to have this absence, and will hopefully lessen my addiction to browsing through amazon to buy books "just in case i ever teach them."

anyway, i hope to get back to writing letters and writing in my paper journal more often. i aim to get packed up and start planning the logistics of the move. but teaching is changing and real world connection outside of the classroom is becoming important in my classroom. i'm talking about having my students be pen pals with students in tennessee, finally running my zine unit plan (yes!) and having them publish their own webzine, videotaping our work together (again). i embrace yet still fear what technology is doing to me. i don't want to be so instant gratification in the way i approach my life.

we were discussing this in the context of me talking about having a disposable camera around the kids that i used to babysit for. they could not get the concept that you couldn't immediately look at the photo you just took and i had to tell them about film... "and back in the day... you had to take your photos to get developed, wait a day and THEN get to look at them." they were floored that digital cameras weren't always around.

just thinkin on technology and how i hope to keep one finger on the pulse of the new world, while one foot is firmly planted in the old world, of letters and paper and books.

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