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zines in the classroom.

so, i got to make my first real zine in a classroom with my students this summer. i wrote a unit plan for it last year in school, but my eventual idea is to do digital photography and video work to make a digital production. what's amazing is that in having few supplies this summer, i rekindled my love for the cut n' paste. finished a zine that showcases some of their summer writing and their style, in just 3 days!

i told the students in the beginning of the summer that they would be published authors before they went back to school. though i didn't get to get the copies finished in time for the last day on thursday (ahh, technological difficulties with the copier, it was so upsetting!), i figure that it's cool that they will receive them in the mail. with a letter from me, just like the old days.

on my first day off after the program was over, after the hugs and the "i'll miss you, miss", after they gave me a grade of A for coming in to teach them even with my injury, i started putting together my documentation of our time together. now, instead of making zines, i make scrapbooks called portfolios, to graph and chart our ascension. but i collage pages and make it my own. my zines are becoming books now, and i am itching to share so many words with you.

i have been craving my previous love of writing letters. unfortunately, i've become a horrible correspondent and can't seem to mail things faithfully. but in efforts to get students writing, blogging and communicating with other students their age, i swear i'm going to pick up the pen. i promise to put it to a sheet of looseleaf paper, get it in the envelope, and most importantly, get that envelope into the blue box.

make me keep my promise.
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