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new muse

a new muse has impacted my daily. i'm working on a new writing project, putting poems to beats and i read at a United Playaz fundraiser at the Bruckner on Saturday. it feels really good to be working on creative projects for me, especially in a year when i don't keep much energy for myself. inspiration has been dripping from my fingers. here's a poem in progress (before line breaks, even! you know that's a rough rough draft).


there is a science to your style, a slow rewind in your smile, an open space where the elements of this earth pull open. we are rock solid in our language, a beautiful brave presence, forever fierce in all essence, there is fire and flood in every syllable you speak. we wreak havoc each time we exhale, a place where we begin. this is star-crossed in the present. we are time machines.


night night. more to come soon. 2nd semester starts tomorrow, and i head in feeling a little under the weather.
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