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december to remember event!

i am horrified at luxury holiday advertising this year. i can't take a breath without seeing another car commercial and without considering the financing options, plus cash back (j/k). i am loving living in harlem, with the (not-so) new Jay Z album in my ears as i take the #19 to work. living alone is the best decision i've ever made. school has been insane. it's been a press-filled year, which has been awkward, because i try never to be noticed when they come around the school with the cameras. i prefer to be behind the camera, and talk about the work that the students have done. things have been whirlwind and happening too quickly to put a name on the pulse we're following. same lo, new year. will write more about my live poets, united playaz in action against gun violence in the bx and other assorted morsels of hunts point goodness. i love: the bx, moth, mirah, spirulina, amelyon, jose-lyn, BKHS, bell, 145th street, rebel diaz, invincible, detroit. the smartest thing i've heard this week was a mother speaking to young people, telling them that she had "graduated from my circumstances". genius.

oh, and i'm in love. here's my first attempt at a poem for him. still working, title marinating.

how perfect that
the words wrought
from this endless yes
are unread. 
this heat that ignites
under my soul and
inside of my bones.
the way you make
my system shift.
the way you are.

this is the 2nd time
that a 2nd person
has dominated my 
line, my rhyme, 
my restless mind.
you are resonating
in my being.
you are finding 
that neural pathways
firmly remember 

i believe that we
are destined to love
the people who
challenge us most.
who won't hear 
my poems, but will
have books of their
own codes written
in sand, in stone.
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