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lauren michele
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10/07 - i am a critical educator, receiving my MA and certification at U of M and working in Detroit. i miss new york thoroughly, but it is good to be doing my work and rekindling my romance with my original home. i teach English and Language Arts to 8th graders. this journal, as with the rest of my life, will be pretty dedicated to my work until further notice, though it has often in the past been a place for poetry and musings. browse through, soldier.

2/06 - it is brooklyn tonight, warm because the torrential downpour is coming to have lunch with us tomorrow. i am looking forward to coney island and newness. i am looking forward to moving forward. sometimes i wonder how we choose our everyday company, but i always find myself sooo... grateful for the people who love me on a daily basis. i breathe transition every time, i never feel stable but am always searching, chanting up a storm and burning sage on my life. what do i keep and what do i let go. sometimes i feel like my brain is full and i have to write to make room. thank you for reading, i am just making concentric circles with the keyboard... but this journal is my baby, has held me together for so long (as have you, who read arrowed and who continue listening. my ears are always open to you)

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Date Created:6/1/01
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lolo likes to call herself an old soul, whether that is true or not is unconfirmed. she is often found dancing, reading or conversing with an array of sexy, queer folks. she loves key lime pie, dogs, her fabulous family (of blood and of choice), hockey, hip hop, reggae and soca music. she is also a fan of anime and zines, beaches and bath products.
Strengths: talking longtime shit, intricate political conversations, matters of the heart, maturity, strange dance moves, writing
Weaknesses: being a titch gossipy, has trouble keeping secrets, doesn't show her anger, rarely does her laundry
Special Skills: selling expensive candles, getting ready in 5 minutes flat, throwing a softball HARD, writing cryptic poetry and journal entries, using that brain of hers when it matters most.
Weapons: trained in self-defense and african dance, which can be lethal if applied correctly. sharp wit and dry humor. mostly she uses her words as weapons of dissent, but she will throw down if the need arises.
favorites in '04: kanye west, red flower, ann margaret, toots and the maytals, my baby momma, blue room, "their eyes were watching god", garlic, iced coffee, naps, finding new forms of love

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