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can i use your zine in my unit next spring?

hey ya'll,
so i'm creating a unit plan about publishing and trying to work on my 8th graders' conception of voice and personal style in their writing. i thought, how did i get my voice? and while i've been writing for a long time, i found my style and improved my writing the most in the years that i was writing zines. so i'm going to introduce them to the genre and put out a digital zine with them, incorporating my video, audio work and their creative ideas into a great publication that they will be able to take home, share and remember their 8th grade year by.

so, i have crates and crates of zines that i want to look through and include. i'm excited that this means that my break and much of january will be spent uncovering my zine collection and sorting through it. how cool, right? and what a trip down memory lane it'll be. anyway, this is the only way that i'm still connected with many of the people that i used to trade with. if you read this, let me know if it would be okay to use some of your old work. i will be contacting everyone individually if i find your zine and think that there could be an article/essay/theme that i think my students would connect with... please know that i will not use your writing without getting approval from you as to the exact portion i want to use.

thanks for helping me out in creating an awesome unit for my students next spring!

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