lauren michele (arrowed) wrote,
lauren michele

make a mantra, snap a curse

so, i am in the summer habit of project-making, which has consisted of my sketchbook, making earring holders out of picture frames, jewelry making and editing someone's book. i have written more in the way of editing someone else's writing than i have on my own, but i still have half of summer to go, and there has been much to write about. it has been a heat wave and a heart-wrencher so far, but i am having faith that keeping a positive attitude and keeping busy will start the healing process. i have been chanting and cleansing, trying to start clean in 30 and realizing that sometimes bad things happen to good people - but it's no reason to lose faith. just to step back, regain focus and keep working.

it is important to remember now that i need to count my blessings, be thankful for my breath, my health, my friends and family, and all that i do have. the rest will fall into place. hope all is well with you...

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